Refferals or Customer beware: Which is it?

An interesting thing happened this weekend. Someone needed some roofing help and asked for refferals for a local company.  Love that part, that’s the way it should be.  And tons of folks gave business names, people they trust, to do this work.  

Let’s backup.   In Oklahoma there are a few things you MUST do to Roof legally.  #1 register your info with the state.  #2 get the correct insurance, it HAS to have specific lines of roofing provisions that has become part of new laws introduced.  This is an expensive part to be legal.  #3 you MUST join the Construction Industries Board  (CIB) of Oklahoma.  ( you can check if a roofer is legal and in good standing here)

Now each one of these has steps but these 3 are very important.   If any of these aren’t met, you are not legal.  There are a couple of roofing organizations that are trying to become something in Oklahoma but they lack any substance or follow through as of right now.  So don’t be blinded by those, these 3 things are where to start.

   So looking up these companies being offered up as great roofing companies.   People to put your trust, your very home in their hands,  not to mention thousands of dollars.  Half of them are not legal to roof in Oklahoma.   What?  How?  That’s the question really.  I guess it’s hard to police that in this state.  I don’t know.  But there are tons of companies roofing and being reffered out that just flat should not be.  For me, a business that has made sure to be legal in every way, it irks me.  Knowing they are not paying for the right insurance.  The training isn’t there.  I see people give reviews of how fast a crew finished like that’s a good thing.   A fast roof doesn’t mean a good roof.  Probably means a leaky roof.  People don’t know what to look for,  they put their trust in the person that told them they would do a good job for them.

   The thing is its hard in any state to know who to trust to do what .  I joke with people all the time, “hey, don’t be a news story “.  But really, there are hundreds of stories of people getting taken advantage of by builders,roofers, etc.   And many times these “companies ” are local and reffered by a friend.  It’s crazy to think about.  I tell my folks here, we are not here for ONE AND DONE.   We are here for 5 years from now, 10 years down the line when hail comes back, who will you call?  The guys that took advantage.  They proably went out of business.   Or they changed their company name to hide.  I know of one that had one name when he started and now roofs under a complete different name.  Why would you do that,  if not to hide from something?

Just be cautious #Oklahoma.   Be curious!   Ask questions.  Look for reviews.  Internet presence.   The CIB, this one is a big one.  BIG! Ask the roofer to see their insurance and roofing registration card.  Don’t worry about their address.  That doesn’t matter.  You can rent a building easier than you can become legal to roof.   #DoTheRightThing and research some.  

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