Refferals or Customer beware: Which is it?

An interesting thing happened this weekend. Someone needed some roofing help and asked for refferals for a local company.  Love that part, that’s the way it should be.  And tons of folks gave business names, people they trust, to do this work.  

Let’s backup.   In Oklahoma there are a few things you MUST do to Roof legally.  #1 register your info with the state.  #2 get the correct insurance, it HAS to have specific lines of roofing provisions that has become part of new laws introduced.  This is an expensive part to be legal.  #3 you MUST join the Construction Industries Board  (CIB) of Oklahoma.  ( you can check if a roofer is legal and in good standing here)

Now each one of these has steps but these 3 are very important.   If any of these aren’t met, you are not legal.  There are a couple of roofing organizations that are trying to become something in Oklahoma but they lack any substance or follow through as of right now.  So don’t be blinded by those, these 3 things are where to start.

   So looking up these companies being offered up as great roofing companies.   People to put your trust, your very home in their hands,  not to mention thousands of dollars.  Half of them are not legal to roof in Oklahoma.   What?  How?  That’s the question really.  I guess it’s hard to police that in this state.  I don’t know.  But there are tons of companies roofing and being reffered out that just flat should not be.  For me, a business that has made sure to be legal in every way, it irks me.  Knowing they are not paying for the right insurance.  The training isn’t there.  I see people give reviews of how fast a crew finished like that’s a good thing.   A fast roof doesn’t mean a good roof.  Probably means a leaky roof.  People don’t know what to look for,  they put their trust in the person that told them they would do a good job for them.

   The thing is its hard in any state to know who to trust to do what .  I joke with people all the time, “hey, don’t be a news story “.  But really, there are hundreds of stories of people getting taken advantage of by builders,roofers, etc.   And many times these “companies ” are local and reffered by a friend.  It’s crazy to think about.  I tell my folks here, we are not here for ONE AND DONE.   We are here for 5 years from now, 10 years down the line when hail comes back, who will you call?  The guys that took advantage.  They proably went out of business.   Or they changed their company name to hide.  I know of one that had one name when he started and now roofs under a complete different name.  Why would you do that,  if not to hide from something?

Just be cautious #Oklahoma.   Be curious!   Ask questions.  Look for reviews.  Internet presence.   The CIB, this one is a big one.  BIG! Ask the roofer to see their insurance and roofing registration card.  Don’t worry about their address.  That doesn’t matter.  You can rent a building easier than you can become legal to roof.   #DoTheRightThing and research some.  

4 Reasons to get a Roof Inspection

Storm damage is hard to spot from the ground and/or the untrained eye.  Even some roofers really can’t spot real damage.  But, now is the time to get it looked at.  Here are some reasons to get an inspection. 

1. Storm Damage

In Oklahoma High winds, hail, and other weather events can create damage to roofs that may trigger repairs or insurance claims. Roofs should be inspected immediately following weather events to prevent further damage due to water infiltration. Damage from winds or hail can be slight and require little more than minor maintenance, or the problems can be major and require roof replacement. Insurance loss adjusters have reported that a significant amount of storm damage is actually caused by material, components, or debris blown from roofs in high winds. Tree limbs and branches can fall on roofs creating significant damage. Roof blow-offs start at the perimeter, and when roofs are not properly designed or installed to provide proper perimeter securement, severe damage can occur. Storm damage may require emergency repairs costing even more money.

2. Weathering and Aging

The benchmark life for multi-ply bituminous low-slope roofs is 20 to 30 years and approximately 15 to 25 years for most single-ply roofs. All roofs undergo normal weathering and aging, and the effects of those factors are usually visible. As roofs weather and age normally, openings may occur, leading to water infiltration. Regular inspections call attention to weathered areas and enable an owner to schedule maintenance on these deficiencies to prevent further damage.

3. Routine Maintenance Damage

If your roof is not protected properly, damage can occur from tradespeople performing maintenance on air conditioners and other systems. This sometimes occurs because of trades failing to close mechanical access panels on roofs or leaving refrigerant containers. In addition, maintenance trades often fail to clean up their debris. Items left on roofs can become flying objects in high winds. A regular inspection program incorporates roof cleaning into the ongoing maintenance cycle.

4. Leak Assessment

Leaks after heavy rain are the primary trigger for most inspections. But a leak is only symptomatic of a problem that may have been building for some time. In some cases, if you’re looking for a silver lining, a leak is actually good news. That’s because without evidence of a roof leak, a festering problem of undetected moisture infiltration may continue to create unseen deterioration, such as rotting wood, mold, wet insulation, or corrosion.

It takes an experienced professional to conduct a thorough leak investigation and diagnosis, because the entry point for moisture may be far away from the visual evidence or detection point. Leaks can be evidence of serious roof problems or minor local issues. Many roofs in excellent condition occasionally have leaks due to minor flashing problems.

As a general rule, low slope roofs rarely leak in the open field of the roof. Leaks tend to occur around discontinuities, such as changes in elevation, penetrations, expansion joints, and flashings. On the other hand, severely deteriorated roofs may not show visible evidence of leakage, particularly over concrete decks where water may migrate a great distance before reaching an entry point through the concrete. When such a condition occurs, damage due to moisture saturation of the roof insulation may be so significant that the roof must be replaced.


Replacement Cost Value(RCV) VS. Actual Cash Value(ACV)

When it comes to understanding insurance coverage there are numerous terms and language that most policyholders are unfamiliar with. These include Indemnity, Actual Cash Value (ACV), Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Depreciation.

What is ACV(Actual Cash Value)?

The term “actual cash value” is not as easily defined. Some courts have interpreted the term to mean “fair market value.” Most courts, however, have upheld the insurance industry’s traditional definition: the cost to replace with new property of like kind and quality, less depreciation.

What is RCV(Replacement Cost Value)?

The term “replacement cost value” is typically defined or explained in the policy stating the cost to replace the damaged property with the same like kind and quality without the deduction of depreciation. This value is stated to replace in today’s market conditions to bring insured back to pre-loss conditions.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation is the loss of value from all causes such as age, wear and tear, and deterioration.

What is Indemnity?

Indemnity is probably the most basic and fundamental principle of property insurance. The basic purpose of insurance is to cover a loss that you have suffered. Indemnity is the payment for that loss by the insurer (insurance company) to the insured (you), but for no more than the actual amount of the loss. This allows your property to become “whole” again, meaning the property is restored as it was five minutes before the loss. Indemnity compensates the insured for the loss, but does not allow the insured to make a profit.

An Example of how ACV, Depreciation, and RCV come into play.

Most insurance policy’s have language similar to the one below.

“We will pay the cost to repair or replace with similar construction and for the same use on the premises, subject to the following: until actual repair or replacement is complete, we will pay only the actual cash value at the time of the loss of the damaged property.”.

Let’s say you have a replacement cost value policy and we get a big hail storm and it damages your roof. Your roof is 10 years old. Your insurance company is entitled to pay for the damaged items and make you “whole” again. They will take the age of your roof into factor and give you an initial check for the ACV(Actual Cash Value) to replace the damaged roof. Once you hire Shaw Construction Services and replace the roof, your insurance company will give you the depreciation they held back initially and the check will allow you to collect the full RCV(Replacement Cost Value) of your damaged roof.

Hail damage can hurt your home without you knowing its even there.

12316280_438712316338342_7210273023247661595_nI have good shingles I’m sure theres no damage

Many times people don’t get their roofs inspected because they believe they have some kind of magic shingle that hail bounces off of.  They don’t exist!  Don’t be lied to on that fact.  If you have a storm that has at lease quarter sized hail you need to get someone to inspect your roof.  Hail damage is not usually spotable from the ground and even on the roof if you don’t know what you are looking for.  Here are some hints.

Evaluate the damage

Check the exterior of your home for damage. Be careful of any broken glass or other materials that could cause harm and make sure to wear appropriate shoes. Check trees and other plants around your home, chances are if they are stripped of foliage your roof may have damage. Another sign that you may have roof damage is if patio screens are ripped or soft aluminum vents are dented. Also assess damage to any outdoor vehicle for cracks and dents.

Prevent further damage

After assessing the damage, protect your home from further harm. Cover up broken windows with plywood or plastic. A house window can be temporarily covered with plywood cut to fit the window until a replacement is bought, while a car window can be sealed with good quality plastic and heavy tape. Also cover any holes in your roof, but keep in mind that safety is a concern and take the necessary safety precautions. An experienced roofer should be consulted to assess the damage and make necessary repairs. If you do find a leak in your home be sure to patch the leak to prevent water from entering. Clean up any water that may have accumulated from the leak to avoid mold from developing.


Consider Filing a Claim

Call your insurance agent as soon as you find damage.  Our advice is to call your actual Agent and not the 800 number to report.  Your agent will most likely send someone to look at your roof before you file a claim.  In case you really don’t have enough damage you don t need to waste a claim.  If your agent sends someone out first, if you have damage they call it in for you, if not then again you didn’t waste a claim.  Most homeowner’s policies cover hail damage and your insurance agent will be able to notify you of your coverage. If necessary, follow up your call with a written account of what happened for your insurance company. Remember to save all receipts for what you spend so you can submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Hire a Restoration company

Once your insurance adjuster has surveyed the hail damage, you can hire a restoration company. Make sure to hire a reputable  company, and be cautious of out-of-town roofers or in town roofers that are not legal with the Construction Industries Board (or sometimes even ones that are). These roofers move into an area after a storm and collect money without finishing the job or paying suppliers. Also make sure roofers have  liability insurance so that you will not be held liable if a worker is injured or damage is done to someone else’s property. Make final payments after your roof has been inspected and you are satisfied. Remember to research your choice and hire someone with established credibility and references.  Check their online presence.  BBB, FaceBook, Twitter etc.  Remember even companies that say they have over 20 years experience and they can ad all their locations.  They may not have that experience and I know of a company that says it has a corporate location with other spots and its a fabrication to make them look bigger than they are.


If you want to install hail resistant materials there are options available including impact-resistant roofing, windows and siding for you to choose from that can save you the time and trouble of hail damage.   Keep in mind that even though a shingle is 35 year or 40 or 50 year shingles, the right hail will damage it.  There really isn’t any hail proof shingles, just resistant.  So the right hail can damage anything.  You won’t know sometimes unless you  have someone check.11169221_435760459966861_1383066885158408832_n

Do you have a Skylight?

thRLC7NMQ4 A skylight is an excellent source of both warmth and light for your home and they can enhance the overall appearance of your house as well as giving you a little extra air when required. There are a number of different factors that can lead to a leaky skylight but the most common factor is an improperly fitted or installed skylight. This inadequacy is usually brought about because having a skylight fitted by a professional Skylight contractor can cost a lot of money, and people tend to revert to a handyman or, often worse still, doing it themselves.   Of course the weather, hail, heat, freezing can all cause damage as well.

Why is my skylight leaking?

The slightest hole, crack or blemish on the skylight, the panels surrounding the skylight or the roof can lead to a leaky skylight so it is important that whoever is fitting your skylight has a good knowledge of all these factors. Of course age, extreme conditions and accidents can also be the cause of your leaky skylight and it is important that you employ an experience and knowledgeable professional to repair the leak as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the skylight, the roof and the inside of the house.  If it is damage incurred by a storm, your insurance will pay to replace/repair the damage.th4HKDYKFJthQO7QVHXV



Bear in mind that if you have drip on the inside of your skylight it does not necessarily mean you have a leaky skylight and condensation can often be the cause of sleepless nights and panicking homeowners. This is especially true in extreme conditions. Dryers, washing machines, hot baths and even the occupants of the home can cause condensation to build up on the inside of your skylight and this will inevitably drip off giving the impression that you have a leaky skylight. This becomes even more pertinent when the weather gets colder outside. A build up of ice or snow on the outside of your skylight is a sure fire way to promote condensation on the inside of your skylight and even a small crack means that this condensation can be in between the two panes of glass if you have double glazing.thGLCCRQJ1 thRIL2GFJW


The damage a leaky skylight can cause.

A leaky skylight causes relatively minimal damage in the short term, however over the long term this damage can become significant so you should make sure that the drops you saw coming off your skylight are actually condensation and not the first tell tale signs of a leak. You may end up having to replace wallpaper, carpets and worse still making structural repairs to the inside of your house (although only usually in extreme circumstances). A leaky skylight may also be indicative that you have bigger problems with your roof so you should get someone out to check it as soon as possible11169221_435760459966861_1383066885158408832_n

The Best Darn Pictures You Will See Today!!

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Ending and a brand new Beginning! Year end Review!!

1545055_444298719113035_8627601595497717218_nIt has been an amazing year my friends!  We want to thank everyone that let us work on their home this year.  The 1st storm came in the very last part of March.  It hit many areas very hard and was pretty scary for us Okies.  We are in the business of Damage Restoration so of course when it hails we go after work.  But we do Not like that bad of weather that hurt so many people and homes across our Great State.  We did receive many jobs from that 1st storm in Yukon, Tuttle and Okc.  We were able to meet new people and work on some beautiful homes.

In the year we found out that referrals and Facebook were the best way to reach out and get meetings.  Too many times people waste so much money in advertising to yield no return on that 6 digit investment.  We  learned the best way to move forward and grab customers is by doing a good job, quickly, cleanly and treating the customer with the upmostthGVGNLBAY respect they deserve.  Sometimes that is overlooked nowadays with contractors either being dishonest or they feel some kind of misguided entitlement.  We have so far decided to not door knock, to not bother people.  We have tried to upgrade people out of our profit every chance we can.  Example, we won’t put the flat cheap 3 tab shingles on your home, instead we will upgrade to the 30 year high def shingles.  We only used the best materials through Crossroads Roofing Supply and Premier Roofing Solutions.  We are determined to put you first every chance.

The biggest storm we had was the first one, but there were others that caused a lot of damage here and there.  Moore had more tornadoes, Norman had a terrible hail storm, Bridge Creek was almost blown away.  We are based in th6O7VCFHWMustang, and we had rain.  No really big deals except that.  But all summer we received calls and work.  We believed it would slow down but it never did.  We roofed homes all summer, then all fall, then more in December!  We put up double digits in fences.  Worked on a few remodels.  Painted inside and out entire homes, and more.  We never bought leads from lead generating companies or paid for unnecessary advertising.  We truly appreciate everyone that shared our information.

This is the last day of 2015 and we wanted to make sure all of our Customers know how important you all are.  How you all made this a great year for us.  Happy New Year to you all, and remember us if you know of anybody needing our help.946140_445248815684692_4189556267922461118_n

Look Around

1It’s a big thing, fixing damage on your property.  How do you know who you are working with?  How do you know why they are in business?  I tell our Customer Reps that we are not in the construction business.  We are not!  We are in the Customer Service business, and how we take care of our customers is through fixing their property!  Not every contractor out there believes this way.  It is all about what can the customer do for me?  Some believe they are owed a huge amount for the privilege of working with them.  In Oklahoma, you can close your eyes and throw a penny and hit a contractor.  But, did you hit an honest one?

There is usually no reason to pay money up front, even if you know the person.  Sometimes on the scope of the job, commercial business or big house repairs, do require maybe a partial amount down.  But, that should be written in the contract and should only be a percentage, don’t give someone all your money.

thAWXLE85VDid you know, there are businesses out there that give contractors advice on how do their business to make more money.  They tell them exactly how to change their business practices to increase profit.  Either re imagine how they are paying their office and sales people.  Or advice on what they can say to get more money out of the customer.  And companies pay good money for this advice.  This is no good for anybody but the owner of the company and really hurts the total overall business practice of Customer Service.

I’ve had family and friends use my company and not use my company.  I still offer advice if they need it, on what they need to look for.  Or what they should get in writing.  What kind of material they need to look at to use on their home.  Its a big deal.  Your home is a big deal.  You are a big deal.  For a person to trust us with your home, is a very big deal and should be treated as such.

thQFZ82FVWWhen you pay money, that money needs to pay the labor and the materials of the job.  That money should not be used for other jobs or personal bills.  That is what profit can be used for.  Profit.  Did you know, if your contractor doesn’t pay his bills, the labor and place where the materials were bought can lien your home.  If contractors don’t pay, you will be held responsible.  This is a big deal.!!!

thO0QJXP12In the end, Homeowners need to use who they feel comfortable with.  That’s the important thing.  But, look into them some.  In our world today there is information everywhere.  Look at FaceBook.  What information is there?  What does it show?  What are the reviews?  Look at the BBB, does the business have a good rating?  That’s good, but do they have reviews?  Look for the reviews.  Do they have a website, is it professional?  Do they have a web presence?

This should all be an easy process.

That’s it for now, just some thoughts that have been on my mind.  Thanks for reading and let me know if this was helpful in any way.


Owner, Shaw Construction Services

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Do you need a new Roof??

thRYCXG2Q2 Roof age

How old is your existing asphalt shingle roof? Most experts agree that a typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years. It also depends on whether the old roof was removed and you only have one layer of shingles, and if it is properly ventilated.  Each home should have a certain amount of ventilation.  Depending on the size of the roof.  If the roof doesn’t have enough air circulation it can lead to roof blistering.  Insurance wise, they will not pay for blistering but will require for it to be fixed. If the roof was installed over another layer or several layers it will need to be cleaned off entirely to the decking.  The roof is not built to withstand the weight of multiple layers of shingles.  It disrupts the ventilation of the roof.  And in Oklahoma it is against codes to have anything over 2 layers on your roof.

 Shingles curling and bucklingth

Shingles that are curled or buckling are another sign that you may need a new roof. Look at the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight and if you notice the shingles are curling and losing granules, it could mean the shingles are past their life expectancy. There could also be a possibility that the roof is defective.  If the roof is a few years old it could be an organic shingle instead of the newer asphalt shingles.  One thing, if you are getting a new roof, make sure you are getting new fresh shingles.  Too many places sell seconds, shingles like that have defects in them.  Many roofers buy the seconds at a great price and put it on the roof at a full price.  And this is bad in particular because it will lead to damage not covered by insurance.  It is important to know what is going back on your roof.

 Roof valleysthI6BIHGHD

If your roof shingles are falling apart or missing in this area, it’s a definite sign you need a new roof. Valleys are one of the most important areas of your roof. Snow and rain flow through valleys and into gutters. If the valley is compromised, you could be susceptible to roof leaks.  This is another very important part to make sure is done correctly.  There is a material called Ice and Water Shield that is applied in the valleys before the roof is shingled.  This protects the valley from the weather buildup that can find water creeping around trying to find a way in.  If you don’t get that or a metal valley then you should shop around for another company.


 Shingle granules in the guttersth7R66KFZS

Look in your gutters to see whether they are loaded up with shingle granules. Roofs tend to lose more granules toward the end of their life cycle.  As shingles are hit with hail and time, rain, wind and winter months take their toll on your roof.  And the granules start to come off the top of the shingles.  The granules reflect the heat and sun and helps keep the asphalt under the granules safe.  It shields it.  The more that come of compromise the entire roof.  You can see it in the gutters and where the downspouts are pouring the water and granules out around the ground.


TPO roofing systems are environmentally friendly low slope single ply roofs!


Common Applications
  • Fully adhered
  • Mechanically fastened
  • Ballasted
Manufacturing Method

TPO is formed in sheets made up of popropylene and ethylene propylene polymers which are reinforced with polyester. The process of manufacturing TPO requires no plasticizer or chlorine.

Application Method

TPO is applied in large rolls that vary in both size and thickness. TPO can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted. The seams of the membrane are hot air-welded together to form a very strong waterproof bond between sheets.  It is very important to stay on top of changing temps when doing these roofs.  The welding temp must adjust to the outside temp as the day progresses.  If not it can adversely affect the seam weld.

  • Most environmentally friendly single ply system
  • Great flexibility even at extremely low temperatures
  • Strong puncture resistant material
  • Cool roof Energy Star system UV resistant, lowers heating and cooling bills
  • Reduces the heat island effect and solar heat gain
  • Resistant to chemicals, acid, salt, oil, etc.
  • Extremely strong seams